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Invisalign – The Clear Brace Solution for a Perfect Smile



Guess What? You can now see your own personal end result before treatment begins as we are a unique practice that offers a state of the art 3D smile simulation using our brand new digital scanner. The scanned images are sent to Invisalign to create your personal perfect smile. This is generated in minuets. WOW! No more messy impressions! No more waiting to view your smile DESIGN!

Invisalign is a virtually invisible system, where it uses a series of aligners to straighten your teeth. Say goodbye to the ugly metal braces!

Custom Aligners

Every aligner is custom built to you. You will receive your series of aligners that you change every 10 days.  We only recommend removing your aligners to eat, drink and when cleaning your teeth. As you move through each aligner your teeth will gradually straighten before you reach your final position. Once you are at the end of your aligners we need to prevent them moving again. This is where you would move on to your retainers to keep your perfect smile.

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Why Choose Invisalign

Why do so many people choose Invisalign? Invisalign is discrete and gives you the self-confidence to straighten your teeth regardless of your ages or situation. Invisalign is comfortable as there are no metal wires irritating your mouth. Invisalign fits in to everyone’s lifestyle and is convenient.

The perfect solution to achieve your perfect smile.

Come in and see us we will explain clearly and honestly how the treatment could benefit you, simply give us a call on 0161 705 2882 or email [email protected] to book an appointment.

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