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General Dentistry

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At Brandlesholme Dentistry we look after the whole family, caring for their dental health and offering a full range of dental care. We have a strong emphasis of preventive care and will spend time with you to guide you and advise you so you can look after your own dental health between visits to the best of your ability.


Our team work closely together, dentists with dental hygienist to be able to deliver great preventive care and treatment to children and adults alike. Gum disease is the most common reason adults lose teeth, we will, therefore, spend time to allow you to achieve optimal gum health.


With more serious matters, such as oral cancers, we regularly check and arrange for further investigations if necessary.

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Children’s Dentistry

I took my two young children to see Michael for their first dentist appointments and I absolutely cannot recommend him enough. My youngest child is very fussy and hates meeting new people and my eldest is so shy. Michael was so good with them and made them feel at ease. They were delighted with their sticker at the end of the visit. Fantastic service Brandlesholme Dentistry. Thoroughly impressed.

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