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Oral health screening at Brandlesholme

For most of our patients we recommend regular checks every six months, some will be longer and others, with gum disease, may require three monthly checks.


At your check up we will first start by gathering information from you about your past dental experiences, about your medical history, if you are on any medicines and receiving any treatment. Many illnesses can show up in the mouth and medicines can interact with our treatments which is why we need to know all this information.


We will carry out a thorough check of your teeth but also your gums to check for the presence of gum disease. We also insect all the soft tissue lining in your mouth and the back of your mouth. We are looking for early signs of oral cancer, which, when caught early is much easier to treat.


Mouth cancers can be hard to spot so for this reason we recommend regular checks, even if you have full dentures and no remaining teeth.


We may have to carry out further investigations, the most common one being X-rays. Without X-rays we cannot see the interior of our tooth and spot early decay before it becomes a problem.


After your check and any investigations we will give you a full explanation of our findings and discuss your treatment options. We will also discuss costs with you before commencing any treatment so you can feel confident in the care we are providing for you.

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