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Replace missing teeth at Brandlesholme

We understand that losing a tooth or teeth can be quite an event and not to be taken lightly. We will spend time with you so you understand the options open to you. The good news is that there are some great choices available to you to be able to restore your dentition to fullness and be able to smile and enjoy your food once again.


If you are already missing a tooth or teeth, you will again be pleased to know that options exist to help restore your bite and smile.

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Dental Implants

I had a cavity in one of my teeth that was too deep to fill and therefore I was told I would need to have the tooth taken out. I was worried about what this would do to my appearance as I didn’t want a large gap in my teeth. I spoke at length with Michael who went through the different options I had to replace the tooth.


I opted for a dental implant. I was nervous about the procedure but Michael made me feel at ease, taking me through the procedure step by step. The result is incredible and I am so pleased with how the implant looks and feels. I would highly recommend Brandlesholme Dentistry if you are thinking about dental implants. Top class dental care!

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