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Teeth Straightening at Brandlesholme, Bury

We are fortunate to have Invisalign trained and certified dentists at Brandlesholme Dentistry in Bury, Lancashire.

Smile with more confidence

Invisalign is the world’s leading teeth straightening system, creating over 9 million dream smiles and counting. In just a matter of months, you can achieve lovely straight teeth and a happy, confident smile.


Invisalign uses a system of clear aligners to gently push your teeth into alignment. Aligners are changed every 1-2 weeks and we will see you every six weeks to review your progress.

Free iTero 3D Scan and Smile Simulation

For incredible Invisalign results we use world-class digital technology. Using our iTero in-mouth 3D scanner we can show you your future smile before you start Invisalign treatment.

Myths and facts about Invisalign


Here are 3 reasons you’ll love Invisalign.

1. Really comfortable fit – the clear aligners are easy and comfortable to wear. There are no wires or brackets to dig into your cheeks, and after a few days, you won’t even notice they’re there.

2. Almost invisible – The clear trays sit discreetly in your mouth, so nobody needs to know that you’re straightening your teeth.

3. Ultra-convenient – Invisalign treatment fits seamlessly into your life. You can eat and drink whatever you want. Brush your teeth and floss as normal. Simple remove the retainers when you need to.


FREE Retainers and FREE Teeth whitening when you finish treatment

Every one of our patients is given a FREE set of retainers when they finish their teeth straightening to help maintain their new beautiful smile. We will also provide FREE teeth whitening after treatment for the final touch.

The future of teeth straightening

Invisalign is a great system if you don’t want to have unsightly brackets and wires on your teeth, even cosmetic brackets can be seen. This system is virtually invisible and most people will not be able to tell you are having your teeth straightened.


Aligners need to be worn as much as possible but they should be removed for eating and for cleaning, at all other times they are worn. The gentle forces placed on your teeth to move them means this is a very comfortable way to straighten teeth.


Treatment times vary depending on the severity of the misalignment but typically take from 7 to 24 months.


Ask us about finance for your dream smile

With flexible payment options you can spread the cost of treatment

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