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Dental Bridges in Bury

Replace missing teeth at Brandlesholme

A dental bridge is a fixed replacement for a missing tooth or missing teeth. There are several different types but generally we use two.


  • A fixed bridge – this involves a crown either side of the gap with a crown to replace the missing tooth. The bridge is constructed as one item and attaches to the teeth either side.


  • A resin retained bridge, or a Maryland bridge – this is a bridge that “sticks” to the back of a tooth with a backing – this is great to use when teeth at the side of the gap have no previous dental treatment – it is a form of Minimal Intervention Dentistry.


Whichever bridge you require, our skilled dental technicians construct the bridge in the dental laboratory according to our dentists guidance. Once fitted a bridge requires maintenance and cleansing, our dental hygienist will show you how to do this to ensure optimal gum health.

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